Saturday, March 23, 2013


I've been pondering that age-old blondes really have more fun? Did Marilyn live it up more than Audrey? Does Rosalie have less cares than Alice? Not only have I been pondering, I have been so tempted to take that step over to the..ahem...light side. Would changing my hair color change how I feel; change my perspective on life; or how others treat me?

Thankfully, websites like make it possible for one to take the virtual leap, before heading over to the salon, paying hundreds of dollars, then hating the outcome. It's as easy as uploading a picture of yourself making a few clicks, and voila! You can see yourself as a potential spunky blonde, a spicy ginger, or a mysterious raven-hair.

But that's just it.

Are blondes the life of the party?

Are red-heads sassy?

Are brunettes really dark and lovely?

What does our hair-story say about us?

I have naturally curly, medium-brown (I think) hair. I know that when I straighten my hair, I definitely look like a different person (no joke, its like my whole face changes) and I guess sometimes I do feel like a different person. Maybe a little more free from tangles. Maybe a little more windswept as the breeze moves easily through my straight locks.

I went through a punky pink ombre stage, however short-lived. It was fun to have candy-colored hair, but now I'm recalling not feeling quite like myself. I'm still discovering who I am, but elegance is one thing I want to be, and I didn't feel like flamingo pink supported that quality. Then again, we have Katie Perry who is elegant and rainbow-headed simultaneously.... [sigh] I digress.

I have yet to trade my brunette tresses for blonde ones. But the curiosity is getting to me. I know that deep down my heart and soul and mind are what makes me me, but I can't help but wonder if transforming my hair could somehow, even in the smallest way, transform me.

I'm interested to hear your insights and experiences!

Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow,

Danielle Cason

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  1. I have recently been feeling the same way. I've been contemplating going for lighter locks or colorful do's. My decision hasn't been made yet because I'm taking into consideration all the areas I'm involved in; work, hula, and church just to name a few. While hair doesn't determine "who" you are, in plays a part in accentuating your personality. I don't think hair color will be the driving force that changes you, but I think it will have an impact on the volume of confidence and self-expression you tap into. :)